Healthy Snacking

wellness May 27, 2023
Healthy Snacking

Hey y'all! I am here today to help you out. Since so many are transitioning to being at home more after this year plus of Covid – I want to help you NOT be in the fridge 24/7. I’m going to help you not excessively snack which will then pack on extra pounds which I don’t think any of us want.

I’ve been working from home for over five years now, so I’ve really had to learn this. First and foremost, what I do is plan my meals – but I also plan my snacking to make sure they’re healthy choices. This helps me not overeat! We all thrive on structure and a lot of us don’t have the structure right now BUT – you CAN have a plan!

I’m going to show you some snacks that I have to stay fit, stay lean, and stay healthy! They’re grab and go type of things – super easy.

Berries are great to have in the house – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries – wash them off, have them in a bowl – I like to keep them on my desk and have them throughout the day. Veggies are also great - carrots, snap peas (YUM!!), celery, etc. Cut them up, dip them in hummus, put some EVOO and sea salt on them! SO easy! My favorite of all – Isadelights! These are the best fat burning chocolates! They’re green tea infused and there are also many different flavors – I always have these on hand! (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter milk chocolate). These bad boys help with food cravings and increase your energy too! Another one of my favorites is to dip my Isadelights into mini almond butter packets. It helps me from overdoing it with the almond butter because it’s already portioned for me! I know that this is a weakness of mine so if they’re already portioned out for me – the work is already done. Makes it super easy! Individual sized yogurts are also a great snack! (Greek or Cashew milk yogurt). Peanut butter bites – OMG let me tell you! These have been scientifically proven to help with hunger cravings! Here’s what I do with these awesome snacks – cut it up into four squares and eat it throughout the day. Again, simple, easy, and good for you snack! Here’s the no brainer to all of this snacking – DRINK TONS OF WATER! A lot of times when we think we’re hungry – we’re not – we’re thirsty - dehydrated! When you think you’ve had enough water – drink more water! Bea (botanical energy adaptogens) is another one of my favorite drinks (when I’ve exhausted the water). My favorite is the mango mimosa!! It helps with your focus and your central nervous system. Hibiscus Tea is what I jam on in the evening hours!

Those are a few of my tips! Remember – have a PLAN for your day so you don’t just live in the fridge and grab random things. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Love yourself enough to prioritize this part of your life!! xoxo



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