Your Business Game Plan Essentials

entrepreneur May 27, 2023

First you might be asking: “what the heck is a 90-day game plan?”

It is essentially an aggressive business launch to get momentum going in your business, regardless of whether it's real estate, network marketing or whatever your passionate about.

You could be launching for the first time, re-launching, or looking to take your income to another level! I’ve been around my fair share of launches, and I’ve nailed down the 5 essentials you need to help make your launch successful!

What You Need:

1. Giant Sticky Notes

They might look silly, but believe me when I say that giant post-it notes PREPARE for total domination! They help you to track your daily activity, hot leads/contacts, new enrollments, your strategy/game plan, social media plan, etc. Having all of your info spread out in front of you can help you keep everything organized!

2. Time Cube

I get it- sometimes getting into the groove of things is hard. There are distractions everywhere! A time cube helps you set 30-minute sprints to do your IPAs (Income Producing Activity) like contacting your list with zero distractions for a set period of time. Having the visual reminder can seriously help your productivity! And I know, you're going to say, "oh, Laura, I can just use my phone." No you won't! Get this and it will be IN YOUR FACE!! And you will get it done!!

3. Ring Light

You’re gonna be doing a lot of business calls and you need to look fabulous and professional. Good lighting is 90% of it! This one is great -- it’s super easy to set up and has different lighting settings so you can look your best! PS: Don't knock a selfie stick, either!

4. Computer Stand

Because nobody wants a double chin! Putting your computer up on a stand can help your posture (no more looking down!) and is a great way to take the strain off of your neck and shoulders when you’re spending several hours at your screen!

5. Order Business Assets

Always be prepared! Having all of your business assets and marketing material from your particular company on hand is a must. Having brochures or even extra products on hand for samples is so important. (I use VistaPrint, but there's so many options out there.)

6. Branding

Okay, don't freak out on me! I have a whole course on this and you don't need to overthink in the beginning. In fact, you don't even NEED this in the beginning. The above five will get you started. Then, once you've started putting yourself out there, you'll start to get feedback on what is working and what is not. It will help you drill down on your message. Give it 30 days before you invest in this portion. But, my go-to ALWAYS is KAJABI!!! It's your one stop shop to grow and build - website, landing pages, courses, newsletters and more. This website and blog is via WIX, which I also love because it's easy and Google loves it.

Are you ready to ROCK your business Launch? Message me on IG and let me know how I can help!! xoxo - LaLa


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Your Business Game Plan Essentials

May 27, 2023